The false marriage between quantum mechanics and consciousness

 There are two main mysteries in our world: the real nature of physics (Quantum Mechanics) and consciousness. So, naturally, it has been conveinent to connect and almost equate the two: from the Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics that attributes the process of apparent wavefunction collapse to a conscious observer, to Roger Penrose, who allows consciousness and free will escape the shackles of deterministic physics via the indeterminism and probabilistic nature of Quantum Physics.

I think these are false connections. Qunatum Darwinism does not require the presence of consciousness to explain the apparent collapse of the wavefunction, and points to what looks like a more probably explanation of the emergence of classical physics. And free will is such an ill-defined and almost tautological concept that it's almost futile to try to trace it. I believe most questions related to consciousness can be defined and investigated in a classical physical framework, and that our physical reality, with its quantum and classical models, requires nothing exhibiting consciousness to exist.


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